We develop turn-key cannabis campuses for new and experienced growers & manufacturers.

BaseCanna, LLC, is about community – a community of like-minded individuals committed to improving the wellbeing of others and their families –that are nurtured, supported and inspired by successful business executives who are determined to create and grow the best eco-system for cannabis in the world. BaseCanna has the financial resources and the vision to navigate unchartered waters of this nascent industry and emerge as a true, innovative and responsible leader.

Interested in Investing?

BaseCanna is currently offering a $5.75 million capital raise for accredited and institutional investors. Funds will be used for expansion in California Cannabis, including commercial real estate, pen manufacturing, and dispensary.

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Indoor Farming

Grow, baby, grow.

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On-Site Facilities

Low cost, fast service.

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Extract & Distillate

Volatile and non-volatile.

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Immediate Exposure

Guaranteed shelf space.

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Industrial Scale

From vapes to wax.

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R & D

Innovative Solutions

In-house facilities.

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We have several projects throughout California in various stages of development.

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