We develop turn-key cannabis campuses for new and experienced growers & manufacturers.

BaseCanna believes cannabis brings healing, joy, and inspiration to the world. We believe a collaborative cannabis ecosystem creates a superior community of like-minded entrepreneurs that can thrive together rather than apart.

Our vertically integrated, secure locations provide our members the place to cultivate, manufacture, test, process and distribute while supporting them with wrap-around services in compliance, insurance, accounting, legal, and R&D. At BaseCanna, our members can focus on what they do best as they make their mark in this new cannabis-embracing world.

Downtown Los Angeles

Real Estate and Cannabis Operations Investment

BaseCanna is connecting the dots to build a network of licensed properties and a resources platform to support cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs in select US markets.

This groundbreaking project promises to deliver more than a production and distribution hub, but a destination where innovators and entrepreneurs will collaborate to reach the next frontier.

17k sqft will be fully pre-built by BaseCanna and operationally ready for established businesses and entrepreneurs to manufacture select products, grow genetic seeds and distribute throughout LA and SoCal.

BaseCanna expects operators may generate up to $30 million in gross on-site sales.

Investment Details


Total Raise

26.3 - 28.0%

Projected IRR

2.54 - 2.71x

Equity Multiple

Only BaseCanna members get access to our premium services.


Indoor Farming

Grow, baby, grow.

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On-Site Facilities

Low cost, fast service.

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Extract & Distillate

Volatile and non-volatile.

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Immediate Exposure

Guaranteed shelf space.

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Industrial Scale

From vapes to wax.

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R & D

Innovative Solutions

In-house facilities.

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