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BaseCanna provides the funding, infrastructure and property under which cannabis entrepreneurs can launch and flourish into industry leaders. We are a team of cannabis, legal, finance and real estate experts currently developing several projects throughout California and other states allowing medical and recreational cannabis.
BaseCanna makes the world a more joyful and inspired place to live by supporting cannabis entrepreneurs to participate in and flourish from a thriving and curated cannabis ecosystem. Leslie Plettner, Director

We are united by a profound appreciation and respect for the therapeutic and transformative properties of cannabis.

We are a community of like-minded individuals committed to improving the well-being of others and their families, and growing the best ecosystem for cannabis in the world. BaseCanna has the financial resources and the vision to navigate unchartered waters of this nascent industry and emerge as a true, innovative and responsible leader.


Members that join BaseCanna, through a monthly-based fee, will have all the space, support and services that they need to succeed in their chosen cannabis endeavor. Member applications will be available soon. Subscribe to our mailing list to be one of the first notified.



BaseCanna investors can participate either through the real estate only, and/or in the cannabis operation itself. Investors can expect to earn extraordinary returns while having their investment risk safely managed by the BaseCanna team.

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For Growers

Online real-time data capture and analysis will provide valuable information and recommendation on how to avoid infestation, control water use and maximize quality and yields. Continuous monitoring of market conditions and sale opportunities will maximize profits.

For Manufacturers

Full end-to-end production tracking & reporting. Data will be customized for internal production metrics, allowing for exact and immediate field adjustments. Feedstock will be tracked all the way through to manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution.

For Distributors and Dispensaries

Products will be specifically tracked to assure proper reporting and inventory management.

For Consumers

We will support online purchasing, promotion and education for the end-user. Smartphone apps will allow product information, availability by location and payment processing for pick-up and delivery services.

Why Cannabis? Why BaseCanna?

We believe in the inherent value of cannabis and its natural, healing properties. And we want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of its historic emergence. Rather than trying to find their own financial investors and lenders, we will provide cannabis entrepreneurs and companies with the resources to develop, grow, process and deliver the highest quality products at affordable prices.

With our strategically placed systems and facilities around Northern and Southern California, BaseCanna is structured to offer the best in-class operations, equipment, compliance, testing and logistics in the cannabis industry.

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