Our Company Values

Every company has its own culture. With every conversation or transaction, be it big or small, you walk away having experienced a company’s culture. So, what defines ours? We are careful to shape our culture by being intentional about our values and beliefs. We aspire that every member or client’s experience is somehow touched by the values we revere. We know we won’t be perfect at first, but we’ll strive to get there!
  1. Health and Well-being: While we promote the health and well being of others by providing clean, quality cannabis that both heals and inspires, we also care about the health and well-being of BaseCanna members and clients. We work to support you, your health, and success.

  2. Approachable: We like being light and easy. We are down-to-earth and genuine with a professional attitude.

  3. Inspiration: The beauty that unfolds when you pursue your joy and passion with focus and discipline inspires us, period.

  4. Direct: Who likes their time being wasted? Nobody—especially when there is work to do and dreams to create. We like the winning combo of being both candid and considerate.
  5. Sustainability: Like you, we love the planet we call home. We’ll listen to our inner voices that encourage us to find that recycling or compost bin, or pull the plug on electronics. We’ll also go big and dedicate ourselves to energy savings through solar panels, digital everything, and a net-zero footprint.

  6. Responsive: Who likes spending 10-15 minutes punching numbers on your phone to get to a live person? What a drag! We know how to answer our phone on the first ring and solve your problems so we’re not the bottleneck.

  7. Resourceful: We exist to be resourceful. We leverage our extensive experience and network to anticipate and resolve the challenges in your business. We bring you our resources to maximize your performance and success.

  8. Social Impact: Wouldn’t it be refreshing if your socioeconomic status didn’t impact the quality of your education or the scope of your opportunities? Everyone deserves a chance to be the best they can. We are passionate about making this a reality for everyone we touch, and beyond. Our cannabis ecosystem plans to promote equity and provide real jobs and transitional support to those who have been historically disenfranchised and harmed by federal prohibition.