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Downtown LA Cannabis Hub

Fully approved cannabis cultiavtion, manufacturing and distribution with 17,000 sqft in prime downtown location, only a 8 minute drive to Staples Center.

5-Year Investment with projected returns of 26%+ IRR and a 2.54x net equity multiple.

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A Turn-Key Solution for Cannabis Growers, Manufacturers & Distributors

BaseCanna is connecting the dots to build a network of licensed properties and a resources platform to support cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs in select US markets.

This groundbreaking project promises to deliver more than a production and distribution hub, but a destination where innovators and entrepreneurs will collaborate to reach the next frontier.

17k sqft will be fully pre-built by BaseCanna and operationally ready for established businesses and entrepreneurs to manufacture select products, grow genetic seeds and distribute throughout LA and SoCal.

BaseCanna expects operators may generate up to $30 million in gross on-site sales.

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Basecanna DTLA

Prime Site for Distribution & Heavy Production
Our investment model lets YOU decide where to invest.

You Can Invest in Two Ways

1.  Real Estate

  • Collateralized by real assets and cannabis licenses.
  • Capitalize on future growth without “touching the leaf”.
  • Outsized returns relative to traditional RE.

2.  Operations

  • Potential to grab large national market share.

  • Exceptional returns in rapidly growing industry with 25%+ CAGR.
  • Significant cash on cash returns.

class a - 5 Year Hold

Net to LP Investors

Investment Details

$50,000 26.3% 2.54x
Minimum Investment Projected IRR Equity Multiple

Projected Returns for $100k Investment

Investor Total Returns for $100,000 Years 1-5 Investment Returns Avg Annual Return
Investment Amount ($100,000)
Operating Cash Flow to Investor $44,739 44.7% 8.9%
Yr 3 Investor Dist at Refinance $89,038 89.0% 17.8%
Yr 5 Investor Dist at Resale $119,794 119.8% 24.0%
Net Profit $153,571 153.6% 30.7%

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