Invest in California Cannabis

Real Estate & Vape-Pen Production

Investment Overview

Mixmasters, LLC, a premium cannabis vape company led by industry trailblazer is using its exclusive relationships to license product lines with A-list Billboard Top 100 musicians and bands for their own branded custom-blend vapes, matching specific strain profiles, effects and flavors to the right customer demographics. Mixmasters is establishing a Los Angeles County, California manufacturing facilities in Culver City and seeking $3,500,000 for capital expenses in both locations.

Mixmasters Operations Investment

$3,500,000 Raise, Convertible Note to Equity

Expected Return: +45% Return on Investment (ROI) years 1-5

Manufacturing & Operations

Mixmasters Vape-Pen Production

Mixmasters CEO is a leading mind in the cannabis cultivation, advocacy and dispensary businesses with over 20 years in the industry. He most recently sold his two LA dispensaries (in W. Hollywood & Venice) to MedMen (the industry's first unicorn) in 2016 and 2017. The sponsor is now bringing his cannabis knowledge to the entertainment world by partnering with musicians and capturing the music lovers experience with cannabis in a simple and sophisticated fashion.

Mixmasters plans to establish a manufacturing facility in a 3,600 sf licensed area in Culver City, Los Angeles. Equipment purchases are under contract and distribution and pre-orders are in place.

Mixmasters is seeking $3,500,000 to fund its initial capital expenditures in both production facilities.

Investors will receive priority of cash flow until their investment is fully returned plus a 20% annual return (within 24 months) and thereafter will earn their share of the net return of 11.7% of all distributions in perpetuity. Investors’ 5-year ROI is projected to be 45%.

Investment Highlights

  1. Highly experienced sponsor, with privileged relationships
  2. Advanced stage of product development, branding and distribution.
  3. Vape pen market will dominate (24% of all sales in CA). Those who emerge through consolidation will offer specific flavor profiles in conjunction with a strong brand image (through partnerships and influencers) in distinct categories.


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