About Our Services

BaseCanna's premium services ensure our members direct access to top-rated facilities, equipment, distribution and markets.

We exist to help cannabis entrepreneurs to flourish.

A place to cultivate, process, manufacture & distribute.

Providing guidance on compliance, insurance & the law.

We care about the planet, our members, and their customers.

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  • Boutique Cultivation – For the connoisseur grower.
  • Medium Cultivation – Turnkey for mid-mass producing grower.
  • Tissue Culturing – Creating a clean lineage for other BaseCanna Members.
  • Cloning Services – Always ready for the next harvest on-site.
  • Trimming Services – Trusted affordable labor when you need it.
  • Drying & Curing Services – Your own optimized drying and curing room.


State of the art equipment and trained staff will give you the best outcome for your extraction and distillate. Services include:

  • Extraction
    • Solventless
    • C02
    • Volatile
  • Distillation
  • Pre-rolls


Diverse and well equipped facilities that can accommodate your imagination and industrial needs. Services include:

  • Products from concentrate
    • Vape pens & cartridges
    • Shatter, Budder, & Wax
  • Tinctures
  • Edibles
    • Enteral Capsules
    • Chocolate, Muffins, & Cookies
  • Lotions, Creams, & Balms
  • Beverages

BaseCanna provides several other primary & secondary services to support cannabis entrepreneurs.

  • Distrubtion

    Exposure to the best distributors in the region that will assure shelf space, even in the most competitive markets.

  • Testing

    On site testing facility offering lower costs, faster service, and assured results for members. For those doing the testing, BaseCanna offers a built in client base.

  • R&D

    Offering facilities that will improve products for members and innovative solutions to industry challenges.

  • Non-Retail Delivery

    Supporting the fastest growing segment in the industry combined with a wide distribution network.

  • Dispensary

    Unique locations, selected for high volume and profitable margins. Potential for nationwide facilities that promote trademarked and exclusive BaseCanna member products.

  • Marketing

    Assistance to members in all things marketing, including graphic arts, packaging, pricing strategies, offline and online marketing strategies with SEO support, social media, branding, collective marketing, and promotions nationwide.

(And plenty more…)

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