Our Core Working Values

The magic of any company rests in its people power, and hence, its working dynamic. People (and teams) matter because the work they do on behalf of the company matters. We deliberately craft a working culture that encourages collaboration, cooperation, and rigor. We believe the best thinking and action emerge through engaging diverse points of view while maintaining clarity and commitment to the vision and ultimate goals. Our working values shape how we work independently and in teams. They are alive and may change as we grow and evolve.
  1. Participation: Our team values members actively participating in any discussion or decision affecting them.

  2. Diversity: Our team values diversity in perspectives leading to a deeper more comprehensive understanding of organizational reality and an enriched knowledge base for decision making.

  3. Conflict: Our team values members resolving conflict in a healthy way that leads to stronger solutions for complex issues. Conflict brings out the deepest differences in perspective. It amplifies the diversity among group members and contains the seeds for solution unimagined by any one person.

  4. Learning: Our team values reflecting on his or her own and others’ thinking in order to learn and achieve better organizational decisions and results. Data helps us make evidenced-based decisions. We understand that seeking, receiving, giving, and integrating feedback strengthens our team and improves our results.

  5. Mistakes: Our team values members acknowledging mistakes and learning from them. We have created an environment that says that we are better off confronting our mistakes early and openly. We view mistakes as another way of learning.

  6. Innovation: Our team values creativity and the new possibilities it generates. Our creativity restores and renews us. We nurture and encourage big thinking and blazing paths for massive success.

  7. Connection: Our team values our personal and professional relationships and understands that our interdependence makes us stronger and more effective.

  8. Honesty: Our team values honest and authentic communication. We understand that transparency is the seed of trust. Trust builds confidence in our relationships, which ultimately strengthens our capacity to work, produce, and solve problems together.

  9. Integrity: Our team values our word. Doing what we say builds confidence and cohesion as well as improves individual and organizational performance.

  10. Success: Our team values accomplishment and understands that coordinated individual performance and accountability leads to team success. We accomplish more as a team when every member performs and contributes. We use goals and communication to drive performance, accountability, and ultimately, success.